The Problem

There is a lack of true visibility within the chain of custody
between trade partners, including carriers, brokers, and shippers This lack of visibility allows fraud to thrive. As the problem persists, quality brokers, carriers, and shippers lose credibility with each additional security breach.

The "fraud epidemic in the supply chain which interrupts the safe chain of custody of the nation's freight and is estimated to cost brokers, carriers, shippers, and consumers around $800 million or more" each year.

The Wall Street Journal

The Value

Securing your business is a necessity; not only for you, but for the partners that depend on you. QuikSkope is a simple and effective tool designed to stop fraud in its tracks. Whether it's re-brokering, identity theft, or cargo theft, QuikSkope is the solution you and your partners have been waiting for.

  • Stop fraud in its tracks.
  • Necessity of Business Security
  • Solution for re-brokering, identity theft, or cargo theft

Secure Chain of
Custody for Brokers, Carriers, & Shippers

Supporting Stats

Resolving Transportation Problems

$223 Million Stolen

$223 million in cargo was stolen in the United States and Canada in 2022, an increase of 20% over 2021, according to an estimate from CargoNet

16% Re-Brokered

16% of carriers reported that they had been Re-Brokered in the previous
year, according to a study by DAT Solutions

21% Freight Brokers
have been Victims

21% of freight brokers have been victims of re-brokering per a study by the Transportation Intermediaries Association

The Solution

Brokers, Carriers, and Shippers can protect themselves from fraud and re-brokering by applying QuikSkope on a load by load basis. Before pickup occurs, a driver will verify themselves through the QuikSkope platform via a secure link. That carrier can trust that the load is coming from a broker that will pay them. The broker will know for certain that the MC and driver hired, are in fact the ones picking up the load. The shipper or warehouse can trust that the driver is verified and ready to load before they physically check in. Easy, Fast, Accurate.

How It Works
Easy, Fast, Accurate

  • 01
    Real-Time Information Cross-Referencing

    QuikSkope cross-references broker and MC information in real-time.

  • 02
    Pre-Pickup Load-Level Verification

    This process occurs at the load level before the pickup number is released.

  • 03
    Geofencing And Photo Verification

    It utilizes geofencing, geotagged and time-stamped photographs.

  • 04
    Efficient Scanner Technology

    QuikSkope employs highly efficient scanners for verification.

  • 05
    Reliable Partner Authentication

    The system ensures that you are consistently partnering with the correct individuals.


QuikSkope is an Enterprise Solution
Engineered by Logistics Industry Experts

QuikSkope is designed specifically to meet the unique needs of the field. As the logistics landscape undergoes transformational shifts, our platform emerges as an essential safeguard against the increasing vulnerabilities related to fraud and identity theft that jeopardize stakeholders ranging from brokers to carriers and shippers. We at QuikSkope are deeply committed to leading the fight against bad actors, with the ultimate aim of reinstating an atmosphere of unshakeable trust and integrity within the logistics trade.


Our leadership team is comprised of industry veterans with over 75 years combined experience. We have held pivotal roles in sales, operations, and executive management across some of the sector’s most influential organizations.

Pricing and Plans

QuikSkope offers pay per use and subscription options.
Please email us at for a formal quote.

any Questions?

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Yes! Please reach out to for details.

QuikSkope is EDI and API capable for connecting to supply chain systems, including TMS/WMS/ERP etc. For the customers that don’t the hassle of integrations, we offer an email and bulk uploading option.

All pictures and associated metadata are destroyed after 30 days of delivery.

You don't need to worry about setting up; we've streamlined the process to make it as easy as possible for you. To initiate the process, just click on the "Contact Us" button within the "Plans & Pricing" section on our webpage. Alternatively, you can reach out to us via email at, sharing your essential details. Our dedicated team is committed to promptly responding to your inquiry within a span of 48 hours or less. We look forward to assisting you in your journey with QuikSkope.

No, this is not a phone application. QuikSkope is designed to be simple and easy. A driver will receive a text message to a secure link to perform verification.


The pickup number will not release and the hired MC and broker will immediately be notified.

30-60 seconds

Yes, verification can be deployed at any point during the load. If you would like additional security to ensure the load is still in possession of hired MC, or would like a location, or even a verification before delivery number is released, a request can be made.

No, you can run any application or tracking tool simultaneously without disruption.

United States and Canada

There will be a default geofence of 1 mile from shipper, however we do offer custom geofences.

Order will remain in “pending” status and broker/carrier will be notified to restart verification.

Learn What Our
Customers Say About Us

Requesting this information has always been a part of our process but was always manual, and it was far from foolproof. QuikSkope is fast and efficient and because of the platforms safeguards, we know the information being received is accurate and in real-time.

Agency Owner

As an executive of a large brokerage, it was very important that we quickly put controls into place that prevented the risk of double-brokerage and fraud. QuikSkope was a simple but effective way to stop the bleeding. It helps us ensure that our personnel are abiding by a process that results in knowing who we actually hired, every time.

VP of Operations

Many tools exist today that help us better qualify the carriers, however, nothing ensures we don’t get caught up in fraudulent activity at the ground level like QuikSkope does. It is now a standard process on every load we book and our customers greatly appreciate the extra care!

Founder, Mid-Cap Brokerage

To know that the carrier you hired, is actually on site to load, in the location you expect them to be, before the pickup # is released, is an absolute game changer!

Independent Contractor

The very manageable investment we've made in QuikSkope has paid dividends by significantly reducing our loses to double brokerage. It's one of the most valuable tools we have to stop fraud and it’s a minimal per file cost.

Risk Management Director Mid-Cap Brokerage

As a small carrier we don't have time or resources to fight fraud and protect our MC, QuikSkope is doing that for us. We've gained access to freight we could only dream of before; the broker knows we are who we say we are so they give us priority on loads.

Owner 5 Truck Operations